What is a Buyback?

A Buyback is typically a One to Three Month agreement which allows you to raise instant funds against your valuables. We will store it for you securely and then you have the option to buy it back from us by repaying the sale amount plus a fee within the agreed period.

What identification will I need?

To comply with anti-money laundering legislation and to help protect our customers and guard against theft and fraud we need to establish and verify the identity and address of all Buyback customers. You’ll need to bring a minimum of two recent documents, one to confirm identity, such as a passport or driving licence and another to confirm address, dated within the last 3 months, such as a utility bill, etc.

What Items can be used for a Buyback?

We provide the Buyback service for luxury items such as Quality Watches inc. Rolex, Cartier, Audermars Piquet etc., Diamond & Gold Jewellery and Higher End Motor Vehicles inc. BMW, Mercedes, Porsche etc.

Where are the items stored?

Valuables such as Jewellery & Watches are stored in our secured Vaults, whilst Motor Vehicles are stored at one of London’s Premier Car Storage Facilities.

How can I get my items valued?

You can either come to our North London Offices or simply email over a picture with a brief description and one of our experts will call you back quickly with an indication of value. We also have experienced representatives that can come to your home and value your items.

How much will I be paid?

We will pay a fair market value for your item/s.

When I want to buy my item back, how much will I need to pay?

You will need to repay the original amount that you sold the item for plus the agreed fee.

Will you do a credit check on me?

No we do not carry out a credit check for Buybacks as we are not supplying you with a credit agreement. However, for your peace of mind, we may check items against a stolen goods register.

When can I buy my items back?

You can buy your item/s back at any time during and up to the expiry of the agreement?

How long does a Buyback last?

The buyback typically lasts between One & Three months which is agreed at the start.

Can I buy my items back before the agreed period.

Yes you can buy the item/s back at any point during the agreed period.

Can I renew the Buyback agreement.

You can even extend the agreement by a further agreed period with our renewal option. This involves paying the fee at the time of repurchase and at the time of renewal. We can offer up to two renewals.